About us

Our Vision

A growing segment of international travelers seeks an authentic, flawless, and one-of-a-kind travel experience, showcasing not only the highlights of each destination but the places few people have visited. Hozho was established to achieve and elevate a genuine and comprehensive travel experience for these adventurers.

Focusing on travelers heading from Europe and Asia to the United States, our mission is to ensure everyone experiences the “real” America. Whether seeking the excitement of major metropolitan areas, such as New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles or San Francisco, the lights and action of Las Vegas, or the miles and miles of beautiful beaches found in California, Florida, Cape Cod or Long Island, the United States will delight all visitors. Because of the endless choice of destinations to explore in America, for both city lovers and nature seekers, Hozho takes the overwhelm out of planning adventures by carefully creating and purposefully preparing an array of exciting programs to choose from. We specialize and excel in tailor-made trips designed to meet specific needs.

Our People

Our customers and their travelers, as well as our supply partners and team members, are at the core of everything we do! Thanks to the careful planning and flawless execution by our dedicated team of travel professionals, we ensure beautiful, unique, and memorable adventures for the travelers we serve.

Hozho is the result of the ideals, shared vision, and close collaboration established between Davide Catania and Roman Kesseli. Davide owns and manages Alidays, which he grew from a small business he founded 25 years ago into Italy’s leading outbound tour operator. Roman brings 30 years of travel experience to Hozho, of which more than 14 years were managing a leading inbound USA tour operator agency and the rest based in Hong Kong, responsible for the Asia Pacific hotel supply at one of today’s largest global online travel agencies. Both Davide and Roman not only transfer their extensive business and global travel experience to Hozho, they enthusiastically share their passion of the industry by infusing into the culture of Hozho their strong moral principles and deep respect for the relationships and bonds forged around the globe through responsible travel.

Our Values

We care about and value our people: Our customers and their travelers, our business partners and employees. We believe in the empowerment, reliability, and accountability of our team members; this commitment fosters the highest level of service to the travel professionals we partner with, resulting in exceptional, life-changing experiences for our travelers.

Our Mission

We empower travel professionals to create and organize inspiring trips for their customers through our simple-to-use booking tools and the professional, expert, reliable, and customized services of our teams.

The “Hozho Experience” makes sure travelers from around the globe experience a one-of-a-kind, “real” American adventure every time. We extend beyond showcasing the highlights of the destinations visited, we urge people worldwide to connect with the local community to ensure a unique, unparalleled, and unforgettable travel experience full of memories guaranteed to last a lifetime. Our joy is in your journey!